Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Photoshopping the (old) Egyptian way

On the blog of  Zeinobia (Egyptian Chronicles) I found these pictures and I could not withstand the temptation to copy them. Zeinobia explains that the (government) newspaper Al Ahram Today devoted full two pages about the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians and Egypt's alleged role in it. She paid no attention, as Egypt does not have any role in the talks whatsoever and this is the usual propaganda nonsense the Egyptian state media produce from time to time to aggrandize their master.
But someone directed her attention to the photo. And yes, when we compare Al Ahram's photo with the original, taken at the first meeting of Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas on 3 September in the White House,  we see that Mubarak, who on the original  - old man as he is - was lingering somewhat behind, was put in the forefront by the paper. The caption on the photo reads: 'The road to Sharm al-Sheikh', suggesting in a way that Mubarak is leading the others. It is as in  the old days of Nasser, is Zeinobia's comment. When Al Ahram would change the facts as much as it could and nobody paid attention.

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