Thursday, June 3, 2010

Muslim Brotherhood will back El Baradei after it lost in elections for Egyptian Shura Council

Egypt's biggest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood,  has said it will back the former UN atomic watchdog chief Mohamed El Baradei's political change campaign.The Brotherhood, the biggest opposition group in Egypt, failed to win any seats in elections to the upper legislative house, the Shura Council, on Wednesday. It alleged the vote had been rigged.
El Baradei has launched a campaign for political change in Egypt, but has not officially declared he will contest elections next year.The Brotherhood said it would help El Baradei collect signatures in his efforts to gather a million names to demand changes to the constitution and emergency laws, news agency Reuters said.Mr ElBaradei said he would run for president only if the constitution were changed to allow a fair election.
The Muslim Brotherhood is banned in Egypt, but its members have been elected to the lower chamber of parliament as independent candidates.They consitute a fifth of all delegates there.
The Shura is an advisory council made up of 264 members; 176 are directly elected and 88 appointed by the president. Political analysts said the Shura election result was a key indicator of what could be expected in elections in 2011.An Egyptian human rights group reported widespread voting irregularities.

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