Sunday, June 27, 2010

YNet describes how the Palestinians steal their own water

Isareli bulldozer destroys Palestinian irrigation canal near Hebron.

I really love this. In YNet a reportage about the theft of water by Palestinians. It happens on the West Bank. And what YNet seems to miss altogether is that the Palestinians actually are stealing their own water. This is what Amnesty International in 2009 wrote about the Palestinians in relation to the availability (or non availability) of water: they have accces to only 20% of what is available to the Israelis. On my Dutch blog I refered to it here).
This is what YNet wrote:

"This is lawlessness," Yigal Klein, chairman of the secretariat at the Pnei Hever settlement, told Ynet. "The Palestinians are connecting to the pipes with trucks or via an illegal system of pipes, and we don't have water in the morning. Children want to wash their faces before they go to school, and the faucets are empty. Even a cup of coffee becomes a rare commodity."
The phenomenon, according to Israel Water Authority, has already reached the proportions of a serious issue. "The pumping fro these illegal drillings come to a massive quantity of 10 million cubic meters of water a year," said a senior water official. "The Palestinians are connecting illegally to the supply lines of Mekorot and are causing a shortage in Hebron, Kiryat Arba, Yatta, and the surrounding villages." (For the whole article click here)

 Theft .. of their own water. (Picture YNet/courtesy of Mekorot wter company).

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