Monday, April 6, 2015

Saudis clamp down on protests against intervention in Yemen in their Eastern province

The above video was shot on Sunday  in the eastern city of Awamiya, where Saudi security forces broke up  peaceful protests against the Saudi actions against Yemen. The intensity of the shooting is incredible - one would belive this is a war zone.
The Saudis are always very concerned about the situation in their Eastern province, mainly in the city of Qatif, or nearby cities like Awamiya. The reason for their concern is that the Eastern province is not only oilrich, but also inhabited by Shiites. The official Saudi press agency SPA mentioned that a Saudi policeman was shot dead and three were wounded, during a raid which devolved into a gun battle in Awamiya. During the raid automatic weapons, pistols and communication equipment were retrieved, and four men were arrested, according to this account.
Activists, however, said at least 30 people were injured and accused authorities of carrying out security raids to quell calls for protests against military intervention in Yemen. Residents of the province also told MEE that at least 22 people were arrested, including three relatives of Zuhair al-Said - a man shot dead by security forces in 2012 when they broke up a protest calling for democractic reforms and an end to discrimination against Saudi Arabia's Shiite community. Other accounts also mentioned that people got killed. At least four houses were set on fire by the shooting. Saudi Arabia lateron mentioned that one activist was wounded and died in hospital.

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