Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gunmen kill well-known Yemeni politician

Unknown gunmen assassinated a senior Yemeni politician, rights activist and author, Dr. Mohammed Abdulmalik Al-Mutawakil, on Sunday in downtown Sanaa. The authorities said two gunmen carried out the shooting, using a motorbike in Al-Adl Street.
The incident happened as the Houthi Militant Group are continuing its control of the capital and other provinces. Al-Mutawakil was a supporter of the Houthis but against violence and attempts to incite chaos by force. Al-Mutawakil held several posts within Yemeni governments, including minister of supplies in 1976. He furthermore worked as a college professor, was a founder of the Nasserite Party and established and participated in several human rights, democratic and freedom organizations.
Yemen has been facing a series of targeted killings mostly against military and security commanders, politicians and activists since 2011. Most incident have been carried out by motorbike attackers most of whom are still at large.

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