Friday, May 23, 2014

Egyptian ''anti-protest law'' continues to make victims

Mahienour el-Masry. 

A number of Alexandria-based activists were arrested on Thursday following a solidarity protest with jailed activist Mahienhour al-Massry. Massry was taken into custody after an appeals court affirmed a two-year sentence against her and eight others on Tuesday for the ‘crime’ of organising a demonstration that defied the anti-protest laws. 
Activist Mohamed Gabr told Mada Masr that security forces stormed the headquarters of the Egyptian Center for Social and Economic Rights where a press conference was held to launch a campaign to free Massry and the eight jailed activists.
“We held the press conference and organized a protest in front of the center following the presser. Police forces attacked protesters after the demonstration had finished and headed to the center’s headquarters, storming it and arresting many of the employees,” Gabr said.
The detained activists include lawyer Mohamed Awad, Taher Mokhtar, Metry Gobreal, Mostafa Eissa, Magdy al-Naquib, Nourhan al-Ashkar, Mohamed Khalil, Essam Mahdy, and Hisham Eissam. Other activists and lawyers, including those working on Massry’s case, were briefly detained.

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