Monday, August 27, 2012

Israel stops 100 'Welcome to Palestine' activists who wanted to go to Bethlehem

Pro-Palestinian activists in Jordan ahead of their attempt to enter the West Bank.
The 'Welcome to Palestine' activists held a demonstration in Amman. (Reuters) 

More than a hundred activists from all over the world have been stopped Sunday evening by Israeli border guards when coming  from Jordan to the border crossing at the Allenby Bridge. The activists of the group 'Welcome to Palestine', were on their way to Bethlehem at the invitation of the Palestinian governor of Bethlehem and of civil society organizations there. They were carrying notebooks and school equipment for Palestinian pupils about to begin their school year.
The Israeli-controlled area of the Allenby Bridge was declared "a closed military zone" ad journalists were told to leave. The activists themselves were ot eve allowed to get off their busses.
"They collected our passports,' said Olivia Zemor of Paris, '' and a few minutes later returned them with each and every passport stamped 'Entry denied'.
It is the second time in a month that Israel denies access of visitors who have been invited by the Palestinian Authority. On 5 August Israel denied access to the Foreign ministers of Algeria, Bangladesh, Cuba, Indonesia, and Malaysia, who are members of the 13 country strong Palestine Committee of the Non Aligned Movement. The Israeli attitude shows that the Palestine Authority under the occupation has not even the authority to invite its own guests. 

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