Thursday, July 12, 2012

Suicide attack against police cadets in Yemen kills 20

A suicide bombing killed at least 20 police cadets in Yemen's capital of Sanaa on Wednesday, just five days after the terrorist group sent warning messages to intelligence services that an attack would strike police institutions in days.
The Yemeni government launched an all-out military operation in May against the al-Qaida group. However, the group vowed to target the capital Sanaa, where a number of deadly attacks have been carried out against high-level security and military personnel.The deadly bombing was the second in less than two months in Sanaa, after an attack on a military parade rehearsal in al-Sabeen Square in May, which killed about 100 central security forces in a highly-guarded square adjacent to the presidential palace.
"It's an urgent message to chiefs of the Yemeni intelligence services, the political security agency and the national security that we will carry out another sophisticated operation against police forces in Sanaa in days," an al-Qaida spokesman identified himself as Abu Hajar al-Hadramy said in an audio tape carried by al-Qaida media Al-Malahim Foundation on July 6.
Wednesday's attack occurred in front of the police academy in downtown Sanaa while the cadets were leaving after classes finished.

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