Saturday, January 21, 2012

Egyptian brotherhood gets 47%

 Egyptian Islamists have won more than two-thirds of parliamentary seats, almost half only for the Muslim Brotherhood, according to official results of the first election since the fall of President Hosni Mubarak
The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), from the Muslim Brotherhood, is carving out the lion's share with 235 seats out of 498 in the race, approximately 47% during the elections held in phases since November 28. The Salafist fundamentalist party Al-Nour came in second with 121 seats (24%).
 The Liberal Wafd got about 9% of the seats. The Egyptian Bloc, a secular coalition of liberal parties, gets 7% of MPs in this election

Ten additional seats in Parliament, not elected, remain to be filled by the head of the Military Council that ruled the country, Marshal Hussein Tantawi.
The FJPJ has already announced it has chosen its secretary general, Saad al-Katatni, to chair the People's Assembly (Chamber of Deputies), following an agreement with other parties.
The first session of the People's Assembly to be held Monday in the presence of Marshal Tantawi.

The election of senators (The Shura Council) for its part should begin on January 29 and ends in late February. The future Parliament will be responsible for appointing a commission to draft a new constitution. The election of a presidet  is expected before the end of June, with the opening of nominations on April 15.

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