Monday, August 29, 2011

War crimes in Libya

 Still the Libyan rebels did not manage to liberate all of Libya. The news is Today (Monday) that they are closing in on Qadjahfi's hometown Sirte, and that they ar still hoping to find the brother colonel' himself. The e last pockets of resistance by pro-Qadhafi forces in Tripoli have been eliminated. In the meantime news about war crimes committed by Qadhafi loya;ls emerged. Bodies were foudn in a field near the Qadhafi's Bab al Aziziya compound, in a warehouse and in a hospital.
Human Rights Watch reported that: Evidence indicates that forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi killed at least 17 detainees in a makeshift prison as rebel forces began advancing on the neighborhood of Gargur in Tripoli around August 21, 2011, Human Rights Watch said today. According to one witness who survived the killing, Libyan security forces shot the detainees at the Al-Amal al-Akhdar building belonging to the Libyan Internal Security service. Click here for the rest.

In the meantime there are more people who like me havae some doubts about the possible brightness of a liberated Libya:
The Libyan people deserve congratulations for overthrowing a dictator, but they deserve truthful warnings: that the new Libya may not fulfil the promises of freedom and prosperity. Western oil companies are scrambling to get a foothold in the new Libya, just as they competed to win favor with Qaddafi’s's regime. The Libyan Transitional Council does not bode well: it is headed by Qaddafi's Minister of Justice and his second-in-command is the former mentor of none other than Gaddafi’s son Sayf Al-Islam. The Gaddafi era may have ended, but with NATO in charge, it is likely that the new leader of Libya is another Hamid Karzai or an even more compliant client of Western powers. Mustafa Abd al-Jalil will be the weakest leader of any Middle East country; With NATO in charge, it is certain that Libya won't be free. For that to happen, the Libyan people have to rise up again, this time against the external forces of colonial powers, and against the reactionary ideologies that the new Libyan government will bring along with it.  'Angry Arab' Assad Abu Khalil in Al Akhbar

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