Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sacked editor of Egyptian daily Al-Dostour, back with new newspaper

 Part of the Tahir-team. On the left, editor in chief Ibrahim Eissa, on the right publisher Ibrahim El Moellam. (Al Ahram online) 

Ibrahim Eissa, the former editor in chief of the independent Al-Dostour newspaper is back with a new daily newspaper, called Tahrir. And so are most of the journalists and columnists that used to work with him on Al-Dostour.. The new newspaper is published by media mogul Ibrahim El Moellam, who currently owns Shorouk daily newspaper. 
Tahrir was launched with an advertising campaign on TV and radio starring Ibrahim Eissa himself and his crew speaking about the new newspaper and how it will be the voice of the revolution of 25 January.
Eissa's former newspaper Al-Dostour was regarded as one of the better opposition newspapers to the Mubarak regime. It was first published in 1995, shut down in 1998 by the ministry of information, and reappeared in 2005. But then in 2010 it was acquired by businessman and media mogul Sayed El-Badawy, chairman of the Wafd party, and businessman Reda Edward for LE18 million, in one of the biggest acquisitions in the history of Egyptian press.Weeks after the acquisition Ibrahim Eissa was sacked by the new owners. Despite claims by Badawy and Edward that the sacking of Eissa was purely for management reasons, Eissa and his team of journalists insisted that the acquisition of the newspaper was an attempt by the Mubarak regime to close down one of the most effective opposition mouthpieces. After Eissa was sacked  many of his collegues left also. They staged a sit-in at the Press Syndicate that ran on and off for over two months. Badawy later sold his share to Edward after huge criticism in the media. After the departure of Eissa and most of his team the sales of the Al-Dostour dropped dramatically.
Eissa and his team have maintained the Dostour website, since Eissa owns the domain name. He is also
one of the the presenters of the daily night talk show Fil Midan (In the Square) on the channel he co-owns, Tahrir TV. Tahrir is the second daily newspaper publihsed in Egypt after the revolution. The first was Youm 7, which used to be a weekly.

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