Friday, October 8, 2010

Israeli army again kills two 'wanted' Palestinians

Two leaders of Hamas' military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, were killed overnight Friday in Hebron during an Israeli army raid in the Jabal Johar village, witnesses told Ma'an. The two killed were identified as Nashat Al-Karmi and Maamoun Al-Natsha.
Witnesses told Ma'an earlier they believed one of the killed was an important factional leader from the village's Abu Sneineh neighborhood and that he may have been 'wanted' by Israel.
Witnesses further said Israeli troops raided the area and confiscated cameras from journalists at the scene.
 Haaretz quotes Channel 10 News, which reported that Israeli forces arrived at the house in which the two wanted men were staying in Hebron with the intention to arrest them as part of a comprehensive operation in the West Bank city. According to the army version of what happend 'the militants opened fire at the Israeli soldiers and were subsequently killed in the exchange of fire'. The pokesman of the army confirmed that Israeli soldiers were not injured and that 'the two militants were wanted for their involvement in several attacks against Israelis'.

Israel always pretends that it kills wanted Palestinians after an exchange of fire. But the killing is strongly reminiscent of the way in which on 17 September the 38 year old Iyad Shelbaya, also a leader of Hamas,  was murdered in his sleeping room in a house in the refugee camp of Tulkarem. (I wrote about that here, in Dutch). Is it too far fetched to suspect that these killings are still a revenge for the murder of four settlers near Hebron at the end of August ? (here, also in Dutch).
Ma'an further reports that Israeli forces imposed a curfew on the southern West Bank district. Locals said that the troops surrounded three homes belonging to Radwan Ar-Rajabi, Saadi Barwan and Ayoub Gheith, demolishing the fence surrounding the houses. Israeli bulldozers were also seen demolishing a three-story home in search of a 'wanted' Palestinians in hiding. Lateron it appeared, according to the Jerusalem Post, that one of the two wanted men, Maamoun al-Natsha, about whom was reproted earloer that he was killed in gunfire, had been in the house. His body was later retrieved from under the debris. The Forces also detained Ayoub Ismael Ar-Rajabi, 28, and Mus'ab Al-Atrash, witnesses said.

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