Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wave of bomb attacks in Iraq kill at least 50 and wound 200

Days after the American combat troops withdrew, Iraq was again hit by a wave of bomb attacks. The number of killed and wounded was at least 50 and 200 respectively. Nobody claimed the attacks, but it is safe to speculate that Sunni militant groups were behind them.   

In Baghdad, a suicide car bomb hit a police station in the north-east of the city, killing 15 people, with 58 injured, most of them police, while a parked car bomb in the centre of the city near the Muthana Airport Highway killed two people and injured seven.
There were three other explosions, in Haifa Street, in Karrada, and in Ahmeriya, injuring 11 people.
In other incidents:

- In Kut, south of Baghdad, a suicide car bomber attacked a police station, killing at least 26 people and injured 87,
- in Kirkuk, a car bomb killed one person and injured eight,
- in Basra, a car exploded as police towed it from a parking lot, killing one person and injuring eight,
- in Ramadi, a car exploded as alleged bombers were working on it, while a second car exploded about 1km away, injuring 12 people,
- in Kerbala, a suicide car bomb exploded at police checkpoint at the entrance to police station, injuring 30 people.

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