Thursday, March 11, 2010

Settlers in Sheikh Jarrah sing praise of killer Goldstein

 As a counterweight to those who are happy with the fact that 5000 people turned up at the last demonstration against the evictions of Palestinian families from their houses in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of Jerusalem, it is somewhat sobering up (to say the least) that Ynet has got hold of a video in which  settlers  who now live in Sheikh Jarrah sang the praise of Baruch Goldstein (picture) at a party they held during the Purim festival. For those who don't know who Goldstein was: he was a settler from the colony Kiryat Arab near Hebron. In 1994, during Ramadhan,  he dressed in military uniform, took a gun, walked into the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron and sprayed the praying crowd with bullets. He killed 29 people and wounded some 270, before he himself  was struck by a fire extinguisher and killed.

This is the song the settlers sang in Sheikh Jarrah. Watch and shiver.  

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