Friday, January 15, 2010

Terrible week in the territories

Scenery from Khirnet Tana near Nablus after house demolitions 

On 10 January 2010, Israeli forces, accompanied by a number of bulldozers, moved into the Kherbat Tana area northeast of Nablus. They demolished the elementary school, 11 mud brick houses, 10 animal sheds, one greenhouse, and one tent. At least 120 Palestinian civilians, mostly children, became homeless.

Also on 10 January 2010, Israeli occupation authorities forced Khaled Yousef Abu Shousha to demolish his 35-square-meter house in al-Tour village near East Jerusalem. A notice was delivered to him on Thursday, 07 January 2010, ordering him to demolish his house within 24 hours.

On 11 January 2010, Israeli settlers from "Gilad" settlement, northeast of Qalqiliya, attacked a number of Palestinian farmers who were farming their lands. Two farmers were injured.

On 13 January 2010, Israeli forces, citing security reasons, razed a 3-donum area of agricultural land planted with olives belonging to the Abu Maria family in Safa village, north of Hebron.

The above are excerts from the weekly report of the Paestinian Centre for Human Rights, regarding the week from 6-13 .January. It was an unusual violent week. During the reporting period, Israeli warplanes launched 7 air strikes against targets in the Gaza Strip. As a result of these strikes, 6 Palestinians were killed, two houses were completely destroyed and another one was heavily damaged.One other Paestinian died of wounds he sustained earlier.Also 8 Palestinians in the Gaza strip and the Westbank were wounded by Isareli gunfire.There were 23 incursions into Palestinian communities, 16 Paletinians were arrested, among them 9 children. Troops at the checkpoints arrested 9 people.
More excerpts from the report:
 On Thursday evening, 07 January 2010, Israeli soldiers violently beat 6 Palestinian civilians and abducted one of them in al-Litwana area to the south of Hebron.

Two Palestinian civilians, including a child, were wounded by Israeli troops stationed at military checkpoints. On Friday morning, 08 January 2010, Israeli troops stationed at a military checkpoint at Beit Fajjar intersection on the Hebron-Bethlehem road stopped a Palestinian civilian car. They forced the driver to exit his vehicle and violently beat him. They then abducted him.
On Monday noon, 11 January 2010, Israeli troops stormed the Um al-Khair area to the south of "Carme'el" settlement, south of Hebron. They attacked Palestinian shepherds, including women and children. As a result, 15-year-old Mahmoud 'Eissa Hammad, sustained bruises.

Also in the West Bank, 6 Palestinian civilians, including 3 children and a journalist, were wounded when Israeli forces used force to disperse peaceful demonstrations organized by Palestinian civilians and international and Israeli human rights defenders, in protest of the construction of the Annexation Wall in the West Bank.

On 12 January 2010, two Palestinian children were wounded when Israeli troops fired at a number of children who demonstrated against them in Safa village, north of Hebron.
 For the full report click here. 

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