Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Anti-Jewish slogans on captured Saudi army trucks

It took me some time to figure out what this was. It apparently is a Saudi army vehicle that has been captured by the Northern Yemenite Houthi -rebels (why does everybody spell their name as Houti, it is more logical to write Hawthi). On the side they have attached a Houthi sign. It reads:
      God is great,
      death to America,
      death to Israel,
      curse the Jews,
      Islam is the victor.
I don't know why they are anti-Jewish. Sa'ada, the main city the rebels stem from, used to have quite a number of Jewish inhabitants (artisans and antique dealers, mostly). I visited some of them and their leaders in 1994 and wrote about the fact that they were secretly evacuated by the Americans and the Mossad. At the time I regretted that, because it meant the loss of the last remnants of a very special culture.
It appears in the meantime that the Saudi's are still fighting the Houthi's.

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