Friday, October 9, 2009

A bit early for a Peace Prize

Just imagine. You are the  president of the United States. You are sleeping. And then in the middle of the night the phone rings. You immediately fear a calamity. The embassy in Kabul, the headquarters in Afghanistan, oh Lord, please, don't let it be.
But then you hear the quiet, soothing voice at the other end: Got Oslo for you, Sir. About the Nobel Prize. Is urgent, they said, Can I put them through?
Jee, what do you think? Is this a dream? Carter got the prize for his endeavoors for peace only in 2002, long after he left the presidency. Al Gore got a shared prize for his work about Global warming, but also some time after he quit as a vice-president. But I still am the president of the US of A. And we have yet to make the develish choice between sending 40.000 man more troops to Afghanistan or conceive a decent exit strategy. Also in Iraq the trouble is far from over. And Israel and the Palestinians, oh my..
But wait, maybe this IS a dream after all, maybe this shitty bussiness in Iraq and Afghanistan is over by now, maybe this arrogant Netanyahu and that meathead of a Palestinian fellow succceeded to agree on something at last....
But then the voice with the Norwegian accent slowly gets to your head with the message that you get the prize as an incentive and for your striving for a world free of nuclear weapons. And then you wake up. For a second you contemplate to start protesting that you started th work only yesterday so the sepak. But then, sleepy as you are, you refrain from commenting. Because, man, isn't this a tremendous honor?   

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